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 New members starting guide

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Judgment Master
Judgment Master

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PostSubject: New members starting guide   Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:31 pm

Welcome to Judgment fairy duel Academy (Home for the best of the Best)
Welcome: I'm The owner and founder of this academy anything that you need you can always contact me....
This Academy welcomes you to become a active member and become the (best any1 who can do GFX contact me}.
Here we want people who just wants to talk,duel, and have fun, we don't care about nationality, sex, skin color, etc

Every 2 weeks there will be a tourney in which everyone in the academy would participate , i will be trying to get tourney's
with other academy's and bring new people ( is important that everyone of you make friends here so you can enjoy the academy)

At the first moment that you come in here a dorm test will be done by a tester or by me. Your score will be given to you by how well
you did in a match any questions pm me........................

How to move up?:
when you meet the requirements a test will be administrated to you by the mod of the dorm you want to be place in ( you can only move 1 dorm up at a time) any questions pm me.

Points and ranking system:
Each time you duel someone one post must be made with your name and the other person that person must confirm and at the end of the duel who ever won must put that they won and have your opponent confirm ( the duel can be 2/3 match or 1 ) Winner: will receive 50 points if it was a match duel 2/3 if it was a single duel 1 the winner will receive 20 point, Loser: will receive 10 points on a match duel
in single 5 points. Any questions pm me

Introduce you self:
always introduce your self so we can know a little more about you can post anything you want has long has is not inappropriate. Also
make a room people can post in there challenges or anything and you can post anything too.

Dorm mods :
Mods will be choose by me
mods can do certain things on the forum
Never ever let you power go to your head
in the chat box mods will have a @ by their names

Anything else pm me and i will help you thanks enjoy have fun and stay active
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New members starting guide
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